Wesley House's New Program To Help Feed Kids During School Closures



In Meridian, while schools are closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 amongst students, a local community center has started a new program that will help feed kids during these closures.



The new “Feed The Children” program at Wesley House uses a drive-by system to distribute food to families with children that are reliant on school lunches.


The drive-by system allows for adults to drive up to Wesley House Community Center, present their ID, tell a representative the number of children they care for, and receive a food bag.


Executive Director of Wesley House, Reverend David Schultz tells Twin States that the community center will offer food bags for this new program, as long as the schools are closed.


 “A lot of people rely on that school food program, so we just want to make sure that they be fed. We’re hoping to make a bag per child available, but I understand you know, if you’ve got multiple children and we’re under—you know, at the best we can do at this point is say we’re going to limit it to two bags per family depending on the number of children”, said Reverend David Schultz, Executive Director of Wesley House.


Also sharing, what is to be expected in the food bags for kids.


 “It’s depending on what’s available from our suppliers, but at this point I can tell you peanut butter, crackers, a soup, some pop tarts, maybe some chips and I’m working on some fresh fruit as well”, said Rev. Schultz.


Wesley House will still be distributing their usual food bags outside of the food bags specific to the “Feed The Children” program, but are also distributing them through the new drive-by system.


 “Of course our regular food bags are still available too, we’ve kind of altered the times a little bit and everything’s going to be available through a drive up, so we’re trying to limit the exposure both from our clients and for our employees”, said Rev. Schultz.


“Feed The Children” food bags will be distributed on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at Wesley House from 1pm to 4pm.

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