March is recognized as National Social Worker Month


Social workers serve in different capacities, hospitals, mental health facilities and in the school system. Melanie Davis shares with Twin States how she received her calling to this career.


“Between my parents and my grandparents in their role as a teacher and then their role in the hospital, I just saw a need for patients and students needing help,” Davis said.

In school, students can be faced with social barriers and it's the social workers that have to figure it out and provide assistance.

“We have to help them. We don’t’ know what barriers they’re facing maybe at home or maybe in their family that are impeding their academics or impeding how their behaving at school or if they’re attending school,” Davis said.

Davis says often times she helps bridge gaps in providing helpful resources.

“We need that extra connection not only with the family but also with the community. Sometimes our parents may need help with a referral or connection,”  said Davis.

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