Butler Police Investigating After An Armed Robbery At A Local Store


Tonight in Choctaw County, the Butler Police Department is investigating after an armed robbery.


The armed robbery occurred on Sunday evening, between 9pm and 10 pm at “Burns & Burns” convenience store in Butler.


Authorities shared with us the surveillance video from the crime, which shows the suspect holding a gun, wearing all black with a t-shirt or towel over his head --forcing the clerk to give him the money from the register.


The suspect left the store with $300 and the victim was unharmed from this incident.


The victim’s son spoke with Twin States, expressing his concern for his mother’s safety, when working.


“ Like one of the reasons I’m here now until she get off, I’m going to be here until she get off so, I just feel like, I feel more comfortable with me being here while she here, until she get off”, said James Thompson, the victim’s son.


Saying, that he always knew there was a possibility that a crime like this could happen.

“I don’t really just think about it happening one day, but I always knew, that it could and plus this store is like a real target with it being like on the outside of Butler.  there ain’t too many –too many people or businesses, whatever, that’s close to like other stores over to here”, said Thompson.


And that he hopes the suspect gets caught.


“I hope they get caught, I hope so, because I mean you robbing the store, you can just get a job like, why you got to take from other people, like I don’t understand that, but yeah I hope they get caught I hope the police do their job and catch them”, said Thompson.


The Butler Police Department is asking that if you have any information regarding the crime or the suspect—to contact them.

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