Local Residents Express Concerns About Possible Spread Of The Coronavirus



Tonight, in Meridian, many are worried about the possible spread of the coronavirus in the United States.


According to the Center for Disease Control, the Coronavirus –also known as COVID-19 has already spread throughout China and 31 other countries and territories, including the U.S.


These cases of COVID-19 diagnosed in the United States have been found primarily in travelers from China and quarantined repatriates, and two cases were from close contacts with COVID-19 patients.


Although there are some cases in the U.S., some meridian residents aren’t concerned about it impacting them.


 “Not so much concerned its coming over here, I know there has been some cases coming over here and stuff, but I feel like the government is pretty much –and the CDC, in control of what’s going on”, said Keith Lumpkin, unconcerned citizen.


 “I’m not worried about the coronavirus affecting me or this community, not really the united states, because –biggest reason is the president, Trump, has committed $2.5 billion dollars to lock down our borders and keep in the contamination from other countries coming into this country”, said James Verret, unconcerned citizen.


While some, are worried about coming in contact with the virus.


 “I think they let it get out of hand, they could have did something about it, before they let all of them people get sick and stuff, then you got people on cruises getting sick, then you got people quarantined, then you got now –where they want to house people you know in Texas and other states like that and now you bringing the virus over here”, Emmanuel Jasper, concerned citizen.


 “I’m actually a truck driver and I be from state to state, so it’s a great concern of mine, because I can come in contact with it at truck stops, stores, place of business, where I’m delivering, anywhere so it’s –I’m more exposed than someone from Lauderdale county, Clarke county, because I travel” Marvin Trotter, concerned citizen.


One citizen offers advice, to those who are worried about COVID-19.


 “I would advise people that if you don’t need to go to those countries where the pandemic is going to be, then don’t go, stay home”, said Verret.



The Center for Disease Control states on their website that there are fifty- three cases within the United States and that the U.S. government and health partners are implementing aggressive measure to contain the spread of the Coronavirus in the country.

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