Tragic Fire In Toomsuba

In Lauderdale County, there was a tragic fire at a home in Toomsuba, yesterday evening, with one person found dead.


Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Department responded to a call around 8pm in the 6200 block of Carl Price Road about a car being driven into a home.



When deputies arrived, they saw 35-year-old Tony Nicholas Gerzsenye lighting curtains on fire from the window and the woman involved in the incident, had left the home and went to the neighbor’s home.


Gerzsenye then barricaded himself in the back room, where he passed away from smoke inhalation.


 “He did tattoos, he did a perfect job in tattoos, then he stopped and it’s just sad how things went that I’ve heard and I really feel sorry for anybody that knew him, I don’t know how many family members that he have left that can mourn on him, but I knew he was going through things”, Sharon Spinks, friend of the victim.


Sharon, one of Tony’s friends, shared that she was devasted when she received the news of his passing.


 “ He was a big baby, he was a friend, I knew his grandmother, when she passed, I knew his mother and all that, and I have – I just been close to him and I just hate –I just hate it, he was a great person, he ain’t never did nothing wrong that I have hear of and I hate that he had to lose his life like that and when I woke up this morning, I just broke down, I couldn’t move, that was devastating”, said Spinks.


Wishing that she could see him one last time.

--Saying he will be missed by many.


 “I hate that I lost a close friend ‘Sharon stop by, stop by’ and I didn’t get a chance to stop by that time and that hurted me. So, I just hate that and if we can do a ceremony or whatever on his behalf, I will be there, but he is a loss that we won’t forget here in Toomsuba, that’s all I can say”, said Spinks.



The victim’s body has been sent to Jackson for an autopsy and this incident is still being investigated.

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