Choctaw County Flooding




In Choctaw County, roads are being closed due to flooding, and conditions may worsen.


The Tombigbee river in Choctaw County, Alabama,  is expected to rise to 85 ft. and the flood stage is 68 ft.


According to the Choctaw County Emergency Management the last time the river rose over 85 ft. was in 1983.


Roads like Womack Hill Road, The Myrtlewood Stretch and Old Lock 2 Road are close due to water being over the roadway and the river is still rising steady.


 “In years past we have had situations here in the city where we didn’t have adequate drainage, but its been quiet a few years since we’ve had that, fortunately. So, the city has worked to improve a lot of the drainage and the maintenance of those areas, so none of those, our city streets or our communities, have experienced flooding’s at this time”, said Ron Mason, Councilman in Butler.


Although Butler hasn’t experience flooding recently, Councilman Mason shares that they are still concerned.


“However, with the increase rain, you know, we are keeping a close watch on it to ensure that we’re doing everything we can to prevent that”, said Mason.


Offering advice to residents traveling in areas with noticeable flooding.


 “The most important thing that I could tell any of our citizens is just remember ‘turn around don’t drown’. If there’s water over a road, no matter how slight it may look, no matter if it looks like there’s just a little bit, you don’t know what’s under that road, you don’t know what’s under that water, the road may be gone, so the most important thing is do not venture out into that water if the roads covered. Please turn around and don’t go through it. We want all of our citizens to stay safe”, said Mason.



Choctaw County Emergency Management has an app with updates on road closures as well as damage reports.

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