The Tactical Games Comes To Meridian


In Meridian, The Meridian Public Safety Training Facility has partnered up with Tactical Games LLC to host a tactical games event.


This is the second year the event has been held at the Meridian Public Safety Training Facility.


The event has been described as CrossFit meets combat.

The Tactical Games tests the skill sets and athleticism of operational athletes.


Participants include swat officers, police officers, military officers and competitive civilian shooters.


 “We do have a decent number of individuals that are local, but the large majority of these people travel from outside of the state of Mississippi here, just to do this. I know that Tim hosts these events all throughout the nation”, said Doug Stephens, Director of the Meridian Public Safety Training Facility.


 “The premise is get the heartrate and the respiration rates up, so things are more difficult , fine motor skills are gone, you’re engrossed motor skills, and then we force you to do a fine motor skill, like shoot a target”, said Tim Burke, Founder/ CEO of Tactical Games LLC.


The two-day event will take place this weekend on Saturday February 15th and Saturday February 16th and is free for those who plan to spectate.

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