Volunteers from Illinois rebuild home after 2018 tornado



In Meridian, a group of volunteers from Illinois are helping to build a free home for a family whose home was damaged from an EF-2 tornado in 2018.



The rebuild began on Monday this week with only a foundation and today volunteers have begun to put up the front door to the home.

Partners In Recovery teamed up with the United Methodist Committee on Relief to secure one of the $100 lots offered by the city of Meridian to build a new home for the family.


Volunteers with World Renew will rotate people with different skills to work on the home in meridian for 6 weeks.


 “We’re so fortunate that we have—us in our private lives, we’ve not had these disasters come into them and since we have some time in the wintertime, most of us work construction, so up north it’s going to be like close to ten degrees and snowing out, it’s a little bit different to come down here and we’re getting fifty degrees and we’re accomplishing something too and by the end of the five weeks someone has a house to live in”, says Peter Voss, volunteer with World Renew.


Around sixty homes were damaged by the 2018 EF-2 tornado.


 “These are all—belong to people who otherwise can’t help themselves, don’t have the means to help themselves, maybe they were under insured or their on fixed incomes and you know when you have something like this happen, a disaster or whatever, that just adds to what your worries are”, said Kim Waters with Partners In Recovery.


But Partners In Recovery says that only a few homes are still in need of repair and that this home is the only total rebuild.

 “Well, we’re excited, because this is going to be a home for this family and, its new and yesterday they actually went and showed the lady that’ll be living here, pictures and she just could not believe it, she cried and just was so excited that this was going to be her home . so that makes everything that you do, all the volunteers and everybody that works together all the organizations that make it all worth it, when you see those end results”, said Waters.


The home is expected to be built by early March.

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