Lauderdale County School District has partnership for arts education



Choral music and theater: they’re programs that are not in the classroom anymore because the funding isn't there.


“We have people who love the music, the acting and dance. It really hits every area of the arts and it’s a great form of communication,” said Sandy Reid, curriculum director.

School leaders tell Twin States News, that extracurricular activities are just as important and should not go unnoticed.

“A lot of times people think that it’s just the arts and it’s just basic education but it’s really not because you have to deal with teamwork and problem solving,” said Sandy Reid, curriculum director.


Arts education provides, students the opportunity to perform and learn life lessons.

Its why Lauderdale County School leaders are excited about a new partnership with Meridian Community College.

It allows high school students to get back in the theater.
they're taking part in the stage production Frozen Junior., a play with a lesson about valuing siblings.

“It’s about these two sisters who really learn a lot about each other and learn about love and a lot about the hardships in life and it’s really about a strong lady that does whatever it takes to build a strong relationship with her sister, “said  Sandy Reid, curriculum director.


Show times are this Saturday at 7PM at McCain Theater and Sunday at 2 Pm.

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