February Is American Heart Month




This month is all about your heart and maintaining its health.


February is recognized as American Heart Month, raising awareness of heart disease.


According to the Center for Disease Control in 2017 the leading cause of death in Mississippi was heart disease and doctors say the numbers aren’t dropping.


 “One of the big concerns we have regarding heart disease in the south and Mississippi in particular is that it seems to be on the rise, despite medications and physicians being more in tune with the risk factors associated with that and controlling that”, said Dr. Charles Davenport, Cardiologist at Rush Medical Group.


Sharing that heart disease not only impacts older adults, but younger ones too.


 “We’re beginning to see younger people having heart disease, deposits of cholesterol in their arteries at much younger ages, seeing now as we’re seeing them rather more aggressive cholesterol deposits in young patients some in their twenties that have suffered a heart attack and its just rather frightening and concerning to see people this young with heart disease”, said Dr. Davenport.


Dr. Davenport offers tips on preventative measures you can take to reduce your chance of getting heart disease.


 “Stop smoking cigarettes, exercise daily, lose weight, get healthy and listen to your body, if you have symptoms of chest pain, if you have symptoms of indigestion, you only get one shot at life, get it investigated, check it out and see if you can make these symptoms go away. So that they don’t disturb you anymore”, said Dr. Davenport.



For more information on heart disease and American Heart Month you can head to:

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