Meridian Interim Police Chief Announced



Tonight, we know who will lead the Meridian Police Department during the all-out search for the new chief.  


Lewis Robbins has been appointed by Mayor Bland to serve as interim police chief.


Robbins has more than 40 years of law enforcement experience.


More than twenty of those years were spent at the Meridian Police Department.


He plans to use his experience to improve police presence in the city during his time as interim chief.


 “I want to put all of those things together and utilize what we can build up within the departments.  I want the officers to be in these neighborhoods, I want them out of the cars and in the businesses and I’m sure they’re already doing a lot of those things, but you know, I’m a hands-on, accountability person.”, said Lewis Robbins, interim chief.


Sharing that he wants to serve his role outside of the office.


 “I don’t want to be an office chief, I want to be into businesses, I want to be into communities, I want to be a problem solver and the doors open for a lot of things to be done. There is a good foundation that’s already in place at the city of Meridian police department, I want to build on that foundation”, said Robbins.


Eager to restore the communities trust in the police department.



 “You know, when you leave your neighborhood in the daytime, you expect for it to be safe, you know, and you want somebody to have your back and that’s what its about.  These police officers should have your back”, said Robbins

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