Dozens participate in Annual Kentucky Ham fundraiser




This is no ordinary ham; it’s called Kentucky Ham and there’s a tale that comes with its nourishment.


 “Mrs. Iverson and Mr. Iverson drove up and got the Ham in 1963 in their station wagon and brought it back. It was 60 pounds of ham that they brought back. Now we have about 750 pounds of ham and shipped here,” said Reverend Mark Benson.


For 57 years, The First Christian Church in Meridian has provided meals as a fundraiser for the community. All proceeds are donated to charity.


 “It goes to lots of local causes. Six of them here and two in Jackson,” Benson said.


Community volunteers play a vital role by either cooking in the kitchen or waiting tables.


 “It’s a good way for all of us to come together and it unifies our church. We’re doing something wonderful for the community,” said Sharon Busler.


Customers travel locally and far just to get a taste of the Kentucky Ham which is the highlight of the meal.


 “It was very good. The biscuits were fantastic, and the blackberry jelly was my favorite. I did not try the red-eye gravy,” said Stacee Fletcher, Ohio resident.


This tradition only last for two days. Tomorrow is the last day to pick up an order. 

Last year the church raised $19,000 and hopes to bring in more funds this year. The church will continue to serve meals starting tomorrow at  6 in the morning until 1:30 in the afternoon.



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