Meridian Police Department is recruiting new officers



Six weeks of field training, competitive pay and strong benefits are what The Meridian Police Department is offering new officer recruits.


 “We are seeking certified officers,” said Lieutenant Rita Jack, Meridian Police Department.


The department is staffed by 80 employees but needs an additional 15 officers to ensure the safety of all citizens.


 “We have a great agency; we are constantly growing,” Lt.Jack said.


The department plans to have a rapid response time and plans to stay on track as they work towards reducing the number of violent incidents.



 “Our officers are hard at work, their efforts in maintaining patrol and keeping down their response time has not come unnoticed”. Said Lt. Jack. “We have received I have received reports from the community who are appreciative.”


Along with serving your community and protecting others, an officer has the unique benefit after serving on the force for one year to take is home a patrol car.


 “This is what we do; serving the people and being someone that can be called in time of need; this is what being a police officer is all about,” jack said.


In order to apply you must visit the civil service office located at City Hall.

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