Meridian area law enforcement hold gun safety class for kids




In Meridian, city, county, and state law enforcement teamed up to teach kids in the community about gun safety.


A kid’s guns safety and interaction with law enforcement class was held in reaction to a recent accidental child shooting.


The class is a timely follow up to an incident two weeks ago, when a 9-year-old girl was shot by her 8-year-old cousin.



The class also allowed children to engage with law enforcement.


 “They asked them questions, they were sure that they know if they see a weapon don’t touch it, make sure an adult know.  One of the videos show what happens when children find guns and play with them, they show them the consequences that can happen. It was really important that they heard those messages, we don’t need anymore children getting hurt with guns”, said Councilwoman Fannie Johnson, Coordinator.


This is the second year the class has been taught, but the city wants to teach it more frequently.


 “It’s not going to be just annually. It’s going to be something we talk about often and the class will be as often as it’s asked for.  If anybody else wants one at their church, at their community center, we’re working on some pamphlets that can be given out. So, we just want everybody to be safe”, said Johnson.


Hoping --that the conversation will lead to less accidents.


 “We’re going to start talking about things that could happen before they necessarily happen, so we’re going to try to get really proactive in the community”, said Johnson.


Councilwoman Johnson says the goal is to soon hold the class for adults.

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