Multiple Burglaries In Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Police Department is investigating four burglaries at different businesses that happened in the same weekend.


After multiple break-ins at local businesses over the weekend, many Philadelphia businesses are on edge.


One burglary occurred this past Saturday at a radio station on West Beacon Street and three more occurred the next day.


Glassworx, a business that fell victim to one of the break-ins shared their thoughts on the crimes.


 “I’m very thankful that we’ve took some precautions earlier last week as far as we reinforced our front doors and then the back was kicked in, but an alarmed appeared to have scared them off.  So, I’m really thankful that we have gotten alarms installed and hopefully work on getting some cameras installed as well. So, that way we won’t be broken into again in the future, hopefully”, said Emily Baysinger, employee at Glassworx.


And other local businesses are worried they may be next.


 “It is kind of scary, because we are here after dark, but we take every precautious measure to ensure safety of our business”, said Bailey Whittle, employee at Stitched Boutique.

Glassworx tells Twin States they plan to take additional precautions against future break-ins.

“We’ve been told by security systems and other people that alarms are more effective than cameras, because when they hear alarms, they’re not going to hang around to see if it’s a actual alarm, and also the police that did our report on Sunday morning told us that they’re going to actually be trying to do some more patrolling in the different area and hopefully stop some break ins in the future”, said Bailey Whittle.



The four burglaries are still under investigation in Philadelphia.

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