Swan Song: There are shortcomings on both sides




For the past four months, I’ve tried to be neutral when it comes to talking about the possible impeachment and removal from office of President Trump.  I am no constitutional scholar or lawyer so I can’t make any judgment on the merits of the case or lack thereof.  


I have pointed out shortcomings on both sides.  To me, the phone call in question was just Trump being Trump.  People elected him knowing he was a brash individual.  If you wanted to get rid of him, do it in November and stop wasting the taxpayers' time and money.  


Well, now we know why Democrats are so adamant about a senate trial.  This week, lead House Manager Adam Schiff told senators who are sitting in judgement, "The President’s misconduct cannot be decided at the ballot box, for we cannot be assured that the vote will be fairly won.” 


In other words, the President’s critics don’t trust the American people nor do they have faith in their own party to unseat the President.  It’s not only insulting but downright disgraceful.  That ballot box could come back to bite them.

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