New information released on motel murder from Monday

New information released by the Meridian Police Department at a press conference regarding the motel murder from Monday.



During the press conference it was revealed the victim had pressed strangulation charges against the suspect, James Starks, a week before the January 4th murder.


On January 10th, the Friday before the murder,  Starks turned himself in to police for stalking the victim. He was later released due to lack of evidence.


 “I urge the victims of domestic violence to realize that it just doesn’t go away, because the person is arrested, they have to assist us, like we assist them, we automatically follow the law, which says you shall arrest, but that does not relieve the victim of their responsibility to assist the law enforcement community  in helping them”, said Benny Dubose, Chief of Police.


The suspect, James Starks, is still being held in the Lauderdale County Detention Center until the case moves forward.

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