Anderson Regional Showcased Robotic Surgery Equipement

Tonight, Anderson Regional Health Center is showing off cutting-edge technology.


Surgeons are proudly touting the benefits of the Da Vinci Xi Surgical System.

Not only did they show how it worked, they also explained the benefits.

 “We want to help people understand what robotic technology is, it’s not a machine that functions on its own, it’s just the latest development in technology and we’re constantly applying technology in medicine and especially in surgery, to improve patients outcomes”, said Dr. Hans Tulip.


Doctor Tulip believes robotic surgery is the best method available.


 “I feel like it’s the best technology and I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t offer that to all of our patients, it’s more precise than, in my opinion traditional laparoscopic surgery and it helps patients recover more quickly, less complications, less pain”, said Dr. Tulip.


Crystal Roach and her son were passing through the hospital lobby, when they became intrigued with the robotic demonstration.


 “I think this generation is more open to it, you know, if they did this ten years ago, it would have been a whole lot different, but I believe it's an era. I think it’s the era that their mind is set on, not knowing there’s still an individual, a human, that’s still controlling the procedure, but using a little more of a different equipment”, said Crystal Roach.



Although Anderson Hospital only has one piece of robotic surgery equipment, they plan to utilize it on many cases to improve patient outcomes.

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