City Hall Opens Storm Shelter In Butler Alabama

Tonight,  much of the region is bracing for tomorrow’s blast of severe weather that could include tornadoes.



In Butler, Alabama , the city hall is inviting people to hunker down in their storm shelter in preparation for severe weather this weekend.


Just last month, many homes in Butler, Alabama were damaged by rough weather.

Many people took advantage of the storm shelter, but Mayor Mike Williams, expects more people to come this time around.


 “The last inclement weather that we had, we had a lot of people, we had about sixty or seventy people in the storm shelter, and so we know we’ll have fifty or sixty maybe more, want to utilize our shelter once again, we’re just trying to provide services for our citizens”, said , said Mayor Mike Williams.


And for those with pets


 “Please if you would, leave your pets at home, I’m a dog lover too, myself, so we just don’t have the facility to accommodate pets”, said Mayor Williams.


And to take shelter at city hall


 You don’t have to call, you can just show up.


Mike Williams: “One of our employees will be manning the facility, I don’t want to turn anyone away, even though the shelter is only designed for only ninety-five, I think it will hold more than ninety-five., so like I said we don’t want to turn anyone away.” , said Mayor Williams.


Mayor Williams says that there will eventually be 2 storm shelters.


 “Good News, on the horizon, we’re supposed to get word on the new storm shelter, this

month, that will hold like, three hundred and thirty people and its going to be a million dollar shelter and they assure me the paperwork will be signed this month and so we can get this thing out for bids here in the next few months”, said Williams.



The storm shelter in city hall will be open to the public at 7am on Saturday and will remain open until the storm passes. 


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