Flu Shot Can Prevent Pneumonia

The flu shot can potentially protect you from other, possibly fatal illnesses.


According to the Mississippi State Department of Health getting your flu shot each year can protect you against bacterial pneumonia.


In the U.S.,  each year there are about 4 million cases of pneumonia.  


Severe cases of pneumonia are usually seen in children under the age of 5 and adults age 65 or older.


 “You get a cough is it the cold , your allergies, is it pneumonia, it’s the million dollar question, so common symptoms that you see in pneumonia, you’re going to have cough, you’re going to have fever, you’re going to have chills”, said Dr. Dennis Matthews.


Dennis Matthews: “So the flu shot, which is for influenza accounts for twenty to thirty percent of all causes for pneumonia so, by getting the flu shot, you’re also preventing pneumonia”, said Dr. Matthews.


There is a specific shot to reduce your chances of getting pneumonia, but physicians recommend that for full prevention, you should also get the flu shot.

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