Mississippi's First Spinal Surgery Using Artificial Intelligence Performed Meridian


A medical marvel tonight in Meridian as the state’s first spinal surgery using artificial intelligence was performed at Rush Foundation Hospital.


The surgery actually happened last October, but we’re just now being told about it.

The patient had a spine deformity.


Doctor Edward Smith worked with biomedical engineers to specially design the rods put in the patients back.


The A.I. and predictive technology let him visualize the surgery’s outcome ,even before an incision was made.


Doctor Smith tells Twin States News he hopes this revolutionary technology is just the beginning of advanced medicine in Mississippi.


 “Well excited, being in this area coming form out of town and trying to bring new technology new to the area, and that’s always a plus to try to keep the –advancing the medical field”, said Dr.  Edward Smith.


 “You know the rod kind of gives you that extra precision to make sure that you


’re getting the proper amount of correction and so that’s where I find it useful”, said Dr. Smith.


Rush Foundation Hospital plans to utilize this new technique with more severe spine deformities.

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