Storm Damage In Newton County



Numerous homes, a barn and even a trucking company on highway 489 were all damaged.

Twin states spoke with Newton County Emergency Management while they were assessing storm damage.


 “It could have been a tornado, it could have been straight lined winds, we’re not sure at this point either way it has done some damage in our county”, said Brian Taylor, Director of Newton County Emergency Management.


Emergency Management is anticipating an assessment from the national weather service, to confirm if damage from this storm was caused by a tornado.


 “ If it was a tornado it looks like it possibly touched down in a couple of our areas and pickled back  up , so I don’t think it stayed on the ground for any length of time, if it was a tornado”, said Taylor.


Johnny Ray, who lives in the area where most of the damage was, shared his storm experience.


 “It was fast it was not -it wasn’t – it hit and left.  We was laying in the bed and the lights flickered for about three times and then we heard the noise and before we got up and got everything, thought we was going to get everything straightened and it done blowed over”, said Johnny Ray.


Ray said they received cell notifications of the storm just three minutes after hearing evidence of severe damage outside of his home.


 “Well we all prayed the good lord, that nothing would happen to us, all this can be replaced, but we can’t”, said Ray.



Newton County Emergency Management is asking that you contact them if your home has sustained any damage from this storm, in Newton County.

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