Counterfeit Money Used In Neshoba County at Local Restaurant


A local business in Neshoba County became victim to a crime, when a suspect paid for food, multiple times, with counterfeit money.


The crime occurred on Saturday December 14th at Blakes



Seafood in Philadelphia. The counterfeit money that was used is known as “movie money”, which is known to pass as real money when tested, but later reveals itself to be fake.


Twin states spoke to the owner of the restaurant about the crime.


 “Came up, hundred dollar bill, swiped yellow, cashier took the money and then came back a second time that day, same thing, came in, swiped yellow and whenever I was counting registers down that day I  noticed that had a black line across it, used the counterfeit detector again swiped over it, turned yellow for about five minutes, and the came back black line across it”, said  Blake Gordon, owner.

“Well it does affect the business and luckily the community’s coming together in a strong way”, said Gordon.


The Philadelphia Police Department is still investigating this case and are anticipating using surveillance video of the crime to close this case.

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