Looking For Three Suspects in Two Crimes


Two crimes intertwined.


A shooting at the Bonita Lakes Mall and a kidnapping in October that have the meridian police department on the lookout for three suspects.

The two violent crimes are connected through 19 year old suspect, Antonio Devon Clay.



The initial crime was on Oct 21.  suspects Antonio Clay and James Hodges also known as “Jabrayland Taylor” allegedly followed a local gas station owner and kidnapped him.


 “The store owner, he got into his car, they got into his car with him and they held him at gun point, made him drive around and tried to hold him for ransom,” said Capt. John Griffith, of Meridian Police Department.


The two suspects were able to run away with money stolen from the victim who was unharmed in the incident, but the crime did not end on October 21, they continued into last Saturday.


“The drive-by shooting, Antonio Clay and Jacoby Jones are wanted for was at Bonita Lakes Mall”, said Griffith.


Although there were no injuries reported from the mall shooting, Captain John Griffith says these three suspects need to be viewed as dangerous.


 “The biggest thing is, it that the crimes they have committed are dangerous crimes of a dangerous nature therefore makes them, potentially dangerous, potentially violent people”, said Griffith.


”You know, we’re asking the public to do, if you see them or know where they’re at to call crime stoppers or call the Meridian Police Department and let us know so we can get them picked up and get them off the street”, said Griffith.


By withholding information regarding the whereabouts of the suspects will place you at risk of being charged also.

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