Choctaw County Storm Damage




The storm didn’t stop when it left Mississippi.  It roared into Alabama.



A Lisman home on Highway 10 and in Butler, Alabama a mobile home was overturned on Hinton road. Choctaw county residents share their thoughts on the horrific storm.


 “Like a storm like that happened five years ago, but I wasn’t expecting it to happen again like in this area, the Lisman area, or something like that.  I wasn’t expecting it”, said DeAngelo Sawyer, Choctaw Co. resident.


Although he was not affected by the storm, resident Tyler Sager says it was still frightening.


 “I didn’t drive through any rain, but on the way home from work I saw a lot the lightning and everything, it looked like broad daylight when it would hit”, said Tyler Sager, Choctaw Co. resident.


Many don’t expect to be impacted by storms like this, but with it hitting close to home.  Residents share how they plan to remain prepared.


 “I’d probably find a decent shelter to take place, like the hallway, the bathroom, or something like that, I’d probably find somewhere decent to like stay at while it’s happening”, said Sawyer.

 “In bad weather, tornado, hurricane, anything’s going to happen, so want to be prepared from now on”, said Sager.


Resident DeAngelo Sawyer shares his concern for residents affected by this weather.


DeAngelo Sawyer: “I just hope everybody’s ok; you know, I hope they get their homes rebuilt and all that, get it covered up and stuff like that.


Emergency Management is working to ensure that all areas hit by the tornado have debris removed

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