HIV Testing in Meridian



On the heels of World Aids Day, the City of Meridian is doing its part to prevent HIV across Mississippi.



With Ready, Set, Prep expanding access to medication to prevent HIV in Mississippi, the city of Meridian offers many opportunities for preventive HIV testing.



While prep may reduce the risk, everyone is encouraged to know their status.


The Rush Central Clinic is helping them get tested.


“Preventive care is actually getting tested to make sure that you’re not at, that you don’t have it, so you can make sure that you’re not spreading it to anyone else”, said Nicole Powe, doctor nurse practioner at Rush Central Clinic.


 “We do HIV testing here, it’s actually lab work, we draw blood.  It’s extremely important, because if you have multiple sex partners or if you are a drug user, especially with needles its important to also make sure that you’re not HIV positive.  HIV can affect numerous systems of the body, including the brain, it can affect your blood count, your t-cell count, and of course other organs. So with that, you also too want to make sure that you’re not exposed because you don’t want to infect other people”, said Powe



The  city of Meridian has five HIV testing sites available to reduce HIV numbers in the community.












Here’s a list of the HIV testing sites in the city of Meridian:


1. The Free Clinic Of Meridian, Inc.

4707 Poplar Springs Dr, Meridian, MS 39305


2. Greater Meridian Health Clinic, Inc

2701 Davis St, Meridian, MS 39301


3. Mississippi State Department of Health

5224 Valley St, Meridian, MS 39304


4. East Central Public Health

3128 8th St, Meridian, MS 39301


5. Rush Central Clinic

1221 24th Ave, Meridian, MS 39301

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