New Business Opens in Kemper County


Shoppers in Kemper county have a new store to visit tonight.


The grand opening of Merriweather’s Beauty Supply and More Store on Highway 16 West, brings excitement to the town of De Kalb

De Kalb welcomes this new business, seeing it as growth for the town.



“Just a blessing to be able to come to a rural area where, that, there’s not a lot of jobs to get, economics, you know, get a chance for the city to grow”, said Samuel Merriweather, co-owner of the new store.



 “Kemper County is not real big, but I do think, you know that, that’s growth.  So, it will help with everything”, said Kayetta Grace, De Kalb Resident.


Merriweather’s Beauty Supply and More is considered an untapped market in Kemper county.


 “Here in Dekalb as you can see, we don’t really have a beauty supply store, or any hair products.  We have to travel so far, to Philadelphia or Meridian, just for basic things like rubber bands”, said April Grace, co-owner of new store.


Residents look forward to giving the new local store their business, instead of having to travel a distance to shop.


 “So many people invest in hair and hair products and that will keep it here in Kemper County. So, I think it’s a awesome thing for the community”, said Kayetta Grace.



 “So many people, they go out and they get product, but you know, give it a chance inside, you know?  Instead of going to Philadelphia or Meridian. Right now, just try home first”, said Grace.



Merriweather’s Beauty Supply and More Store will be open Monday Through Saturday From 9 Am To 6 Pm

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