Local Teen On NBC Show "Making It"



A Meridian teen is ready for his close-up as he’s set to appear on a reality show on NBC.


Local artist Eagan Tilghman is showing off his creative creations in Season Two of Making It.


At just nineteen, Eagan Tilghman, is the youngest artist to have competed on NBC’s show Making It.


 “Ever since I was really young , I’ve always drawn stuff , but as I got older I really started to realize that I wasn’t like an artist in like, a pen and paper sense, I was like an artist in like, I like to make costumes and props and like design sets.”, said Eagan Tilghman, local teen artist.


Eagan tells Twin States about how he got to be on the show.


 “I got to be on the show by a friend sending me an application for and then I actually forgot about it, and then you know, like, competition shows, and big shows like that are things that you really don’t think are actually going to happen.  Kind of like the lottery, like, oh I might as well try it, but there’s no chance.”, said Eagan.


Months passed and Eagan was contacted for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

“I started losing my mind.  It was like, wait a second, this actually might happen, and then it’s just with each step of the casting you kind of just wonder, like, there’s no way I should have made it this far”, said Eagan Tilghman


Eagan shares that the show provided him with a positive experince that he will forever cherish.


 “The show builds people up, the show doesn’t ever tear anyone down.  If they give you any criticism, its constructive, and so it was really nice to finally get put in an environment where they’re nice, kind people, who only want you to succeed, but can also tell you where you can do better”, said Tilghman.



The Season Two premiere is Monday December 2 at 9pm on NBC.


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