Local Country Music Singer Signs Record Deal

Today, great news for a local country music star from Quitman


Singer and songwriter Emily White has been given the deal of her dreams.

The local songbird  has been signed to a Tennessee record label.


The record label “Creative Dreams Music Network of Nashville” is staying true to its name by making Emily’s dreams come true.


“My mother started me out very young, I was about nine or ten and she was singing in Nashville a lot.  So, I was pretty much raised in the country music atmosphere, so I was pretty much molded from birth to play country music and sing it”, said Emily White, local country music singer.


Emily shares how she knew Creative Dreams was right for her.


 “Whenever I got to that studio and they gave me this country song to sing, that you guys listened to in there, its- my voice has never sounded so rich and country before. So, I said I guess this is what I need to be doing.”, said White.


Along with what she hopes to accomplish through her music.


 “You write music and you want people to buy your album and listen to it and say gosh I love that voice and I love the message she’s putting out, so that’s my goal.  I want people just to relate, that I’m just a small-town country girl.  I grew up in Quitman and I’m hoping to make my way up the ladder, you know?”, said Emily White.




Emily white starts recording in January and says to expect an album from her next year.


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