Anderson Regional Health Systems brings awareness about blood shortage

As the holiday approaches, the demand for blood donors is on the rise. Health professionals at Anderson Regional Medical Center shared just how important that is.


 “See we have some empty spaces. We always try to keep those full at all possible. Anyone in the public that can donate we would encourage you to please donate. One unit of blood can be used for several different things such as red blood cells, plasma, platelets and anything,” said Jason Dearman, lab expert.


The Holiday season often makes potential donors distracted with spending time with family or holiday shopping.


 “It’s just a lack of donations. People get busy with the holidays and don’t think about that critical need. All it takes is one bad accident and our supplies are wiped out. Those patients can use 10 or 20 units of blood in one session. I think that’s what deals with the shortage,” said Jason Dearman, lab expert.


Lab experts say a medical emergency is unpredictable and that is why it is important to be stocked with blood.


“Any kind of surgery that you’re going to have you’re going to want to have blood on hand on standby in case something has happened especially for any kind of accident. Automobile accidents are a big time around the holidays. You want to have that blood on hand for the physicians to be able to utilize that supply,” said Jason Dearman, lab expert.

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