Students At Southeast Lauderdale Elementary Ride In Style




Students at Southeast Lauderdale Elementary School are getting a lesson in math and philanthropy.


Some of the children at Southeast Lauderdale Elementary were able to get the celebrity treatment as they got to ride off in some limos.



The students were given a special incentive to encourage them to sell as much as they could for a fundraiser.


“ We sell cookie dough, we sell tumblers, we sell Christmas gift wrap that type of thing,  and this fall we were able to raise almost fifteen thousand dollars and to the students who met their goal of selling eighteen items, they get to go on the limo ride and have a pizza party at planet playground today”, said Brooke Neal, Southeast Lauderdale Elementary PTO Vice President.

The students who met their fundraising goal, get to ride in stretch hummer limos ranging in color from green, purple, and pink.


 “We have one hundred-and-twenty kids that are going on the trip today, they worked really hard and they met their goal.  This is always the highlight of their year, getting to go on the limo ride, so we’re excited”, said Neal.



Students, like Serenity, who have met their fundraising goal each year say that selling can be sometimes be difficult.


 “It gets harder and sometimes easier”, said Serenity.



But the reward can be great


 “ I like how it’s really fancy on the inside, they like, had these really cool glass cups and sometimes I even, I have, like the driver can driver can like, put on real live tv on the inside and play music. I really look forward to it and all the cool prizes we get.””, said Serenity Waters, fourth grader and this year’s top seller.


Southeast Lauderdale Elementary does their annual fundraisers each fall.

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