Local High School Honors and Celebrates Veterans


Today the 24th annual Veterans Day celebration was hosted by the students and teachers at Southeast Lauderdale Highschool.


Southeast Lauderdale Highschool celebrates veterans with a program that recognizes them for their service to this country.


“It first started in 1995.  The first program we had fifty veterans show up, second year we were up to one hundred and fifty, so it’s just grown”, said Algie Davis, program coordinator.


The students at Southeast Lauderdale High School helped plan and coordinate the program to honor and celebrate veterans in the community.


“Algie asked us, the student council student body representatives, to come out and to be able to help get everything started for today. So, we were serving coffee, greeting people, helping people be seated, many of us helped decorate today.  We’re all just so thankful that all the veterans got to come out today”, said Kayleigh Barnett, student body representative.


“Honestly this is probably my favorite program that we do at this school, just because of the honor we give to those who served and it’s just a way we can show our appreciation to those in our community”, Emily Williams, student body representative.


The program gives veterans the opportunity to speak to the students and teachers about their time spent serving the country.


“We don’t have any guest speakers.  Nobody sitting in here wants to hear a guest speaker.  They come to be interviewed an introduced and let them have their say”, said Davis.




 “They start planning tomorrow for the next program, they plan on it all year long”, said Barnett.

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