Officials: Old Village Fair Mall being torn down



The Lauderdale County Government is moving forward with their development at the Old Village Fair Mall.


Today was the official announcement of the groundbreaking for the new  Lauderdale County Government Facility.  After many years abandoned, the old mall in Meridian is finally being torn down.


 “The mall has been vacant approximately twenty years and everyone’s talked about the gateway to our city and what that old mall site does as far as welcoming people in, so along with the children’s museum project that’s happening across the road, the project that they’re going to be doing in the upcoming months along with our government facility there", said Jonathan Wells, District 1 Supervisor.


“I just think that’s going to clean our gateway to our city up. I think it can totally transform "Sela Ward Ave." , right there in the next five to ten years.  We’re just looking toward to helping not only our appearance, our overall welcoming people in, and I believe that can be an economic development for the area as well", said Wells. 




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