School administrator, vape shop share how they are preventing underage vaping



National Red Ribbon Week is coming to an end but school administrators and vape shop employers are making sure vape products won’t get in the wrong hands.


“Just like we would with cigarettes none of that is allowed on campus. None of that is allowed on the school bus extracurricular activities and things like that,” said Emily Lee, Northeast High School assist. Principal.


 Twisted Mist District Manager Charles Swain says under age vape users have easy access to products from a family member or even parent.


“I’ve had mom and son come in, they start to look and moms like what do you want son. Soon as we hear that we’re like this is for him. Y’all need to leave because I know it’s going to an underage kid,” said Charles Swain, Twisted Mist district manager.


It’s not just adults as a source for products, but students also can go online to order.


“There should be regulations, it shouldn’t be a wild west free for all. There should be comparable regulations, there should be able for us to continue to be in business for adults. This is adult oriented business. It’s not meant for kids and it was never meant for kids,” Swain said.


“It definitely saddens us as a mom and as a parent. We don’t want to see our children doing that. Lots of kids are actually doing it more. They think it’s very safe to do it, they think it’s cool. It’s definitely been on a rise,” said Lee.



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