Bailey Haunted Firehouse, an event for those seeking thrills this Halloween



“This is our eleventh year doing this, each year we do this it gets better and better.  This year we tried to do something a little different than we’ve done the last couple of years, and our expectations here are high, but I think this year we’ve accomplished that”, said Jason Combs, event organizer.

The haunted house and trail provide visitors with many thrills that keep them coming back each year alongside the many actors and actresses that help bring this haunted house to life year after year.



” The clown houses”, “I remember the chainsaw, the chainsaw at the end is what I remember”, said visitors of the attraction


“I want the door, to make this more creepier, to say 666.” Said Jenna and Aneecia, visitors of the attraction.


 “For the last three or four years we’ve been number one in the state as far as haunted attractions goes.  This year coming up of course we won’t find out for a couple of weeks, but I feel like we’ll get that number one spot again this year”, said Jason Combs.


Many throughout Lauderdale    County come to the Bailey haunted firehouse to seek thrills. There is still opportunity for those brave enough to face their fears, on Halloween and the following day November 1, from 7pm to midnight.  The money earned will go to a good cause, by helping the Bailey Volunteer Fire Department.




“What we’re try to do with the money this year, we’re trying to build a new firehouse now, so with the funds this year hopefully we’ll be able to do that” said Combs

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