Pink Party at Anderson Cancer Center



With the color pink representing breast cancer awareness, a pink party here at Anderson cancer center brings attention to October as “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”.


“We’re having pink party to celebrate our survivors, we want them to know we stand behind them and we support them, everyday not just the day they got their results, but in the days, weeks and years to follow”, said Dr. Amy Coleman.


There is currently no cure for breast cancer, which is why many wear pink to encourage awareness.


“It’s really important to me, because this is my first year to attend, because it is my first year as a survivor.  Its’s important to see everybody else, who’s in the struggle, who has survived, I Think it gives people a lot of courage” said Ronna Nichols.


Many survivors have hope for the cure to be found. Anderson Regional Breast Center hosts an event annually for breast cancer survivors.


“I did know a few people that had breast cancer, but you never realize the impact, you don’t understand, truly can’ t understand how it makes someone feel. You really feel alone, even though I had a lot of support and I did know a few people, but until you get in that situation where you look in the mirror and its you, its just so good to see all of these people that you know are going through it” said Nichols.


“Examine your breast, it’s good to do it monthly just to look for a change in texture, certainly anything that looks different or feels different should be checked out by your doctor. Any abnormal discharge or swelling of the breasts, something that seems out of the ordinary” said Dr. Coleman.

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