NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars complete project



NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars are excited about the experience they gained when completing their rover project.

   “First we did our final presentation and the four groups just explained the process of their rover and the success of it and the failures of it and what they learned through the whole process and they kind of marketed themselves as small companies,” said Angela Pedersen.


Students say that the critical thinking skills required in their projects helped them prepare for if they were in the real world.


“It’s kind of presented some of the issues we face in the future, something like rescuing buggies that might get stranded somewhere or collecting rock materials or identifying minerals,” said Brandon Harkins.


“Our rover was able to identify almost all the materials that we’ve programed it to. It was able to get a lot of the hard reach materials that other materials couldn’t reach,” said Pedersen.

Students now say they will take the skills learned in the NASA Community College Aerospace with them for a lifetime.


“It taught me to work in a group, it taught me technical skills that I didn’t have before and gave me an insight into NASA that I wouldn’t have without it,” Harkins said.

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