Autopsy reveals burns and broken bones on remains of young child found last week


The autopsy confirms a small child’s remains were in the garbage bag found by Meridian Police last week. The alleged caregiver of this child, Celeste Smith, has now been charged with capital murder on top of two counts of child neglect. “They not only contained burns but other broken bones, which, appears to be consistent with the alleged story that lead them to find the body to begin with,” said Judge Robbie Jones.

Judge Jones said they are looking into other possible suspect and what involvement they may have, such as the mother of the missing boy. “The mother claimed that the child had been missing for months, and then this is the end result. It still seems to me there’s going to be others that have more information that’s been developed thus far, because looking at it from a judicial sense, the puzzle doesn’t seem quite to fit yet,” said Judge Jones. Smith has waived her preliminary hearing and has not provided any new information except what she told police that lead them to the body inside the home. “Thus far, I understand Ms. Smith has not been very cooperative in that sense. Apparently, she has incriminated herself, but there still seems to be a lot more in this case that is yet to be determined,” said Judge Jones.

The identify of the small child is expected to be that of the missing five-year-old, but Judge Jones said the DNA confirmation can take weeks. Reporting in Meridian, Emily Erikson, Twin States News. Smith will be held without bond until her case is presented to the next grand jury. We will keep you updated on this investigation as we receive more information.

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