The Small Business Development Center at UWA will teach high school students about entrepreneurship



The Small Business Development Center at The University of West Alabama will host a Home-Grown Business Conference for high school age students.


“A lot of times youth don’t realize that there are opportunities to even take some hobby that they have and turn that into a business venture. We want to expose them to those kinds of opportunities,” said Donald Mills, UWA SBDC center director.


While attending the conference, organizers say students will learn about entrepreneurship if they put their minds to it.


“We present techniques for encouraging and inspiring yourself, exploring your creativity, we have a very unique way of doing that. They’ll be able to take away some key points for motivating their self, self-esteem and also all-around encouraging youth,” said Donald Mills, UWA SBDC center director.


Organizers say hosting these conferences motivates students to understand age doesn’t have a restriction from starting a business.


“We encourage youth to explore their creative side, and not to just explore their creative side but to also realize that they’re opportunities for them to own their own businesses. It’s really exciting when we do this conference because we get students from the local high schools and the surrounding areas,” said Donald Mills, UWA SBDC center director.

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