The Lauderdale County School District takes heat preparation for athletes



The Lauderdale County School District is ensuring student athletes remain hydrated to keep them from suffering from heat exhaustion.

 “It’s always important that we take preventive measures to make sure that we don’t have any heat injuries of any kind to occur. It’s extremely important from the perspective that we are taking care of our student athletes, “said Tim Moore LCSD athletic director.

When student athletes are practicing on the field, it is important for faculty to identify the signs of heat distress.

"Paleness of the skin are some  of the early signs, lack of sweating, starting to get muscle cramps," said Tim Moore LCSD athletic director.

Moore says the coaches are trained on how to respond to potential heat distress.  

“Our coaches are aware of the early signs of any type of heat injury and are taking precautions during practice times to give them the opportunity to stay hydrated and to take breaks and get cooled off,” said Tim Moore LCSD athletic director.

If heat exhaustion is not treated immediately, it could cause damage to the body.

“The fact that when you raise the body temperature on an individual a lot of things start to occur, from the perspective of you could start having brain damage, delirium if it occurs for an extended amount of time,” said Tim Moore LCSD athletic director.

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