The Medical Store expands in Neshoba County


The Medical store has been serving home-care patients in Meridian for 30 years, but personnel felt it was time to expand.

 “We’ve had some referral services that asked us if we would consider opening a location here and after talking to my staff, we decided this would be a good mood for us,”Mark Wiggins said. “Studies have shown that patients do much better in their homes rather than a facility, they can be taken care of by family members in their homes, so it’s a good experience to feel like we’re providing the service,” said Mark Wiggins, manager.

The store carries a variety of useful items that will serve patients well.


“Lift chairs, hospital beds, a big part of our business is c-pap’s and all related supplies that go with the c pap,” said Mark Wiggins, manager.

“We’re real excited about the store being open. I am actually from Philadelphia, Mississippi, so I’m real excited about being home and being able to bring something to the community that will benefit so many patients and the people that live here,” said Sheila Dikes, Mktg Manager.

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