Lauderdale County Circuit Clerk's office will be open Saturday for absentee voting

This Saturday before election day, the circuit clerk's office in Lauderdale County will be open giving voters a chance to cast their ballot.  

“The people that we’ve had voting so far, they have been going out of town; we’ve got two baseball teams that are going to national tournaments. We’ve got a lot of medical people that work seven am to seven pm. We have a lot of guard people that are active duty that is going out of town,” said Donna Jill Johnson, Lauderdale County Circuit Clerk.

Once you arrive at the circuit clerk’s office to vote absentee, you must have your state-issued picture ID. Now a voter registration card is not mandatory but it does make the process easier.



“I came in to vote absentee because next week, I will not be in town and I want to make sure that my vote counts,” said Charlotte Gilbert absentee voter.

“I’m working out of town this coming Tuesday and that’s the reason I’m voting,” said Debbie Rose
absentee voter.

Voters say the process to vote absentee is easy and only takes a few minutes.

“The ladies here will take care of you, you take your ballot to a private area, you vote you're conscious you bring it back you seal it up; you sign on the envelope and you're done,” Rose said.


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