East Mississippi Crime Stoppers talk about school safety




East Mississippi Crime Stoppers partnered with surrounding schools’ districts and law enforcement to make schools safer by way of a smartphone app.

 “About two in a half years ago; we were in a national conference and discovered p3 campus for the schools this is for middle school and for high school students. It’s an anonymous reporting platform they can download on their phone or computer,” said Pam Vance East Mississippi Crime Stoppers exec. director.

The app was first introduced to schools about a year ago and since then has become more popular.

 “It started off slow, but the students are very receptive to it now. Once it’s been used and kind of the word gets around on campus; they’re becoming more and more receptive to it,"said Robby Mcclure,resource officer.


Once students report a tip it is then sent to law enforcement and school administrators.

“It’s pretty quick from the time they sent the tip, I’m sure it’s just a minute. It’s sent via text message so however long that takes to go through the system,” Mcclure said.

The app is made up of many scenarios for students to report.

“It could be bullying, it could be domestic violence, drugs, preplanned fights, prior knowledge to a fight on campus it’s huge. If we receive that information,” Mcclure said.

School resource officers are thankful for the app because it allows for students to have a voice and speak up.

“When you look at the way our society moves; young people know things especially before most of everybody else especially on the school campus that our students know and if they’re willing to share that information it helps trying to deter that as possible, it helps as far as mitigating what could be circumstances ,” said Chief Ricardo Clayton, MPSD Police.

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