The Neshoba County Fair attracts crowds from all over



For over one hundred and thirty years, crowds from all over have been drawn to the Neshoba County Fair to socialize, get a home-cooked meal, and enjoy amusement rides.


“I love the atmosphere and most of all, I just like getting out, I like the rides,” said Gennail Moore.

“A lot of kids ride the one that drops straight down and for me, it would make my stomach turn and it’s just kind of scary for me, “said Shawn Myers.

“I’m about to ride a ride for the first time in many years with my granddaughter,” said Jean Mordecia.

It's not only the rides that draw out crowds, but the southern hospitality that can be found inside the cabins.

 “Out here, we have gourmet cooks we don’t serve fine dining. This is just plain home-cooked vegetables that we sometimes grow ourselves, and we shell peas and we teach the little ones that process,” said Jeannette Mars.   

While some enjoy food, others have found love.

“I met my girlfriend at the time and she brought me to the fair and after a couple of years; we decided to get married and I had to promise that I would bring her to the fair every year,” said Chad Miller.  

“He’s a very special person and I don’t think they’re many people like him that would agree to do  that and I really appreciate him always being willing to take the time no matter where we live; you know we lived in Indiana before and I know that was a long drive to and from and now that we live in Indiana he is still just as excited as I am,” said  Grayson Miller.


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