The Crossmen Drum Corp practices at Meridian High School

Crossmen Drum Corp is an international band that travels across the county. The Core made a stop here in Meridian not only to rehearse but to also provide inspiration to The Meridian High School Band.

“Anytime we come into a different community just like Meridian, we always invite our host to come out and bring their students just to observe and experience our rehearsal, just that alone definitely helps a lot when you see our rehearsal process, and all the stuff we go through,” said Rico Gomez, Corssmen tour director.


Crossmen Drum Corp coming to Meridian High is very rewarding for members in the band.

“One of the greatest benefits of Drum Corp International coming through and benefiting our students:the students get to see the things that we try to teach them offered at a high level, it’s very good modeling for them and it’s also students get to ask the members questions and reach out to them as far as musician development,” said Antonia Altman MPSD director of bands.

Students in the MHS band recently received an invitation to perform in Washington, DC for the first time ever.

“We’re getting things in the works for that, getting details worked out for that and we’ll be reaching out to our parents, our boosters and our community just to let them know it’s going on and we’re wanting to represent our city,” Altman said.

“The future of us going to DC, I see us going because I know we got the talent, I know we got the skills, we going to work hard, we going to strive for Wildcat pride, we going to strive and go hard for it and show out and show what Meridian does,” said Tylan Bell, director’s assistant.

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