Lauderdale County administrators review school policies




“Policy is something that helps guide us, sometimes it can be good as long as it’s thought out and it helps, and it benefits sometimes; you know hindsight can approve different,” said Dr. John Mark-Cain, LCSD superintendent.

 School policies are always changing, today; 35 administrators with The Lauderdale County School District got up to date on new procedures.

“Each year our legislature puts forth new policies that directly affect public education, so we wanted to bring in the best, we brought in attorney Jim Keith to go over those new laws and policies that could affect our schools and principals,” said Attorney Jim Keith MBSA General counsel.

Administrators learned about many scenarios they man run across during the school year.


“student bullying and harassment obviously is an issue that there going to need to address at some point of time in the year and then we’ve got teacher shortage situation and other employment related issues school,” said Attorney Jim Keith MBSA General counsel.

Aside from many other policies to go by strong communication is one way to help a school function properly.  

“We have google classroom, our teachers use remind 101; we have school status which allows teachers to call parents and communicate with them and that information is recorded so we can go back and see that information,” said Sandy Reid LCSD curriculum director.

Teachers are not allowed to befriend students on social media accounts.

“We’re not developing personal relationships that would go beyond that educator student professional relationship that’s got to be maintained and that’s something that’s always been in place and it’s something that needs to stay in place,” said Attorney Jim Keith, MBSA General counsel.


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