Election commissioners test voting machines




The primary election is approaching, and election commissioners spent hours today running test on voting machines.

 “Everything has gone great, but we feed ballots in, we make sure the time and date and all that is correct and that they don’t jam, and the machine seems to be working properly,” said Awana Simmons, Dist 3 elec. Commissioner.

Commissioner’s feel they are prepared to make election day an easy process for voters.

“We have 40 precincts, so we have two extras, so we have two of the DS 200 machines and then we have the express votes which by law; we have to have them for the handicap, and the disable that needs help with the ballot,” said Awana Simmons, Dist 3 elec. Commissioner.


It’s not just the voters that will have an easy day at the polls but staff operating the machines will  also.

“It’s easier for the poll worker because the voter comes in and votes a ballot it’ no doubt about how you voted because you filled in the circle, so we’re excited about them,” said Awana Simmons, Dist 3 elec. Commissioner.

Once all machine test has been done they will be taken to their polling destination.

“It’s going to take about three days to get them out and we want put them out until a few days before the election, so they will not be out, but they will be locked up here ready to go be sealed up,”  said Awana Simmons, Dist 3 elec. Commissioner.

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