Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves proposes workforce development plan



Today, Mississippi Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves spoke at Meridian Community College’s workforce development center to share how workforce training can be improved in the state.


“What we want to do is; we want to take people that are currently working in jobs, and not earning as much as they like, and not earning as much as they are worth and have them have an opportunity to come and improve their skill level,” said Reeves.


Reeves says a key component to developing a stronger work environment starts with a dependable workforce training and development program.


“I think it’s very important that our next governor has a plan to deal with workforce training to invest in our people and specifically to invest in working people,” Reeves said.

Reeves adds that more workers entering the workforce could create private-sector job growth.  

“I’ll tell you when attracting jobs into a local area one of the key components of creating an environment that encourages private sector and outgrowth and certainly has a workforce that is capable and ready to produce,” Reeves said.

According to Reeves faster training can come out of his proposed plan.

“What we got to do is we got to make sure that we have a proper needs assessment of what the jobs are that are going to be available in this area of the state,” Reeves said.


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