The Lauderdale County School District launches a teacher mentor program




The Lauderdale County School District now has a teacher mentorship program for new teacher hires.

 “The implementation of our new mentor teaching program should be fantastic for teachers both veterans and new and novice teachers. We’re excited about that we expect big things, we know that our teachers and our students are our biggest resources, so we plan to utilize those resources and grow out teachers,” said Sandy Reid curriculum director.

Starting in the fall semester, around twenty-five experienced teachers will be assigned to new teachers as mentors.


“The first part of the school year it will be on a very regular basis and from there it will be reduced down to twice a month,” said Leigh Rodgers West Lauderdale Middle Assist principal.

Teacher mentors have a minimum of five years teaching experience and will help mentees in classroom management.

“The majority of the ones we have seen are well versed in their academic area and many of them just need that little extra support to feel confident.” Said Rodgers.

For two years the new teachers will shadow under their mentors and learn how to successfully operate their classroom.

“Some of the things that the mentees will get help from will be any questions that they have on lesson palling, academics, classroom management, anything that has to do with the daily routines of the schools, anything that has to do with the students,” Rodgers said.

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