Clarke County Emergency Management monitors tropical storm

Over the coming weekend, The Clarke County Emergency Management team will be closely monitoring Tropical Storm Barry as it enters our area.

 “Right now, we’re looking at the latest predictions from The National Hurricane Center, and the National Weather Service: up to 10 inches of rain up in our area, and again it’s still a bit early, but we are we preparing for the worst,” said Eddie Ivy, emergency management director.

Ivy says he doesn’t see the storm being much of a threat compared to other areas in the State.


“For us right now with the river levels and the creeks and the stream to be as low as they are, that should not cause us the same flooding issues as that The Mississippi Delta and the areas around the rivers,” said Eddie Ivy, emergency management director.

Ivy adds that storm conditions always can change.

"If this thing shifts 25 miles east or west that could change the whole amount of what our community receives and that’s the thing, once it starts you can’t prepare then; you’ve got to do that now so that when the time comes, we’re ready," said Eddie Ivy, emergency management director.

Emergency management officials say it is important to have emergency kits nearby  in case power is lost from the storm.  

“We recommend having an emergency supply kit, having flashlights with extra batteries, making sure that all of your portable electronic devices are charged so that you can use them should the power fail. The power companies are really great to get out there and do the best they can," said Eddie Ivy, emergency management director.

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